We design clothing that is curated to the specific audience our clients are targeting. 


The value of a classic silhouette hanging in a woman’s closet is priceless. When that silhouette has your label inside she will always be coming back for more.


we believe privy label is a game changer for your business.

the benefits

Clothing will be unique to your brand's style.

Profit margins are higher when you work directly with factories.

Your customer's taste is an integral piece of the design and development process.

Branding the clothing with your brand's name on the inner label creates a full circle shopping experience.

Privy is here to shake up the established path of retail distribution. By working together in the beginning of the design process we can take a targeted approach to fit your customer’s desires. This puts the power of creativity at your fingertips instead of hidden behind layers of sales reps and marketing jargon from thousands of competing brands.
— Jessica Osborn, Privy Label Founder

The Founder's Story

Founded by award-winning designer Jessica Osborn, Privy Label is forging new ground in the outdated retail industry.  Jessica is offering the convenience of an in-house design, sourcing and production department at a fraction of the cost.

She has over 5 years of experience working as a creative and technical fashion designer for an international performance lifestyle brand.  She understands the nuances of product development and has cultivated relationships with US factory partners to help make boutique's custom clothing lines come to life. After working for multi-faceted and demanding companies her communication and interpretation skills are second to none.

Jessica studied design at NYU, FIDM, LSU and abroad in New Zealand. She currently resides in the vibrant city of New Orleans.

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why waste

Her commitment to support US factories cuts down on the wasteful practice of overseas manufacturing.

Jessica has seen first hand the waste that can occur when a brand creates clothing without consulting the people that will be selling it to the end user. She wanted to enhance the “normal” process for designing clothing to make it more efficient and transparent. 

AN opportunity

Jessica saw an opportunity to give boutiques and brands the capacity to have an in-house design and development team who will work to make their brand more successful.

When possible, design decisions take into account past selling patterns. Creativity is fun but sales numbers should guide all decisions. 


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